Honest kitchen

Pure, healthy, honest

We prepare the food exclusively from pure, natural ingredients. We do not use any preservatives, additives, artifical colourings. We do not even have a microwave oven.

Our burgers are fully home made: we bake our buns and prepare our patties of high quality ingredients, with utmost care and love :)

Buns are being baked

Gluten free and whole grained versions are also available

Vegan burger – the other way

Let it be what it really is.

Our vegan burgers’ taste come from the original taste of the selected, high quality ingredients. We do not want to imitate the taste and the look of the meat dishes. In our opinion vegan food should be enjoyed as is :)

Buns and patties are made in the kitchen according to own recipe.

Fresh salad

Tasty and full of vitamins

Tasty food for everyone

If it could be tasty, why it would be not?

Our food provides with the original flavour of fresh vegetables and fruits. Thus eating is not only a necessity, but a great pleasure, too :)

We offer healthy and complete food not only for vegetarians and vegans! :)

Ingredients, allergens

Everybody can find a suitable meal!

Everybody can find a suitable meal for himself from our menu. You may be vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, milk protein intolerant, gluten intolerant, soy intolerant, nut intolerant, diabetic or you may have any other intolerance / allergy. In this case just warn us when you order and we will help you in selecting the right meal.

Meat free

All our meals are meat free.

Egg free

All our meals are egg free.

Dairy free

All our meals are dairy free.

Preservative free

All our meals are free from preservatives.

Artificial coulouring free

All our meals are free from artificial colourings.

Additive free

All our meals are free from additives.

Gluten free option

You can always find gluten free dishes on our menu.

Nut free option

You can always find nut free dishes on our menu.

Soy free option

You can always find soy free dishes on our menu.


Vegan style

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