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Matrjoska Bisztró was closed 3rd June 2017 at Lőrinc pap square. 8 months have passed since that time. Pain and sorrow, doubts and questions. The Road has been long. The vegetarian / vegan Matrjoska Kroshka has arrived. Honest kitchen.

Eating – wondeful experience! Eating – travelling! Eating – happyness! Eating – pleasure! Please welcome :)
Matrjoska Kroshka is a vegetarian / vegan, 15-20 seat streetfood restaurant in the heart of the city in Budapest. We do not use anything of animal origin, except for honey in certain dishes. Menu changes every day.
Thanks to the Russian owner the vegan versions of the most popular Russian dishes are also available, such as Borsch, Syrniki, Pelmeny, Russian black bread. Each food served by us is made in our kitchen, including the buns of the vegan burgers. Gluten free buns are also on the menu. We do not use preservatives, colourings, additives. We use exclusively healthy ingredients. We say we have an honest kitchen because one can see how his / her order is being prepared.


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